Steal a Deal 4 Feature Film

Camera Gear:

I have Two RED Weapon 8k Helium camera packages and an Epic W Helium 8k camera package.

The Weapon 8k cameras are capable of 8k resolution up to 60fps whereas the Epic W is limited to 30fps at 8k. The Epic W package is setup as a drone and gimbal camera where both Weapons are set up as full packages as A and B cameras.

Both Weapon camera packages come complete with an three stage Arri MB20 II mattebox and Tiffen ND filters (.03-2.1) along with a Pola, follow focus and monitors with both TI PL and TI Canon mounts. They also both have an RT Motion Latitude remote follow focus and a Paralinx Tomahawk wireless video village setup with dual receivers for both cameras. Both are equipped with a 7” non touch and a 5”, 7” & 9” touchscreens, Bomb EVF, Wooden Camera cages and C box and D box power distros. Both are setup on 19mm rails with the Red quick release dovetail setups.

The Epic W camera is setup similar to the weapons with an Arri MB 20II, Paralinx Tomahawk (1 receiver) and an RT motion wireless FF but only comes with an EVF and a single 7” touch monitor.

For Media I have Eight huge RED MiniMags at 512 GB’s with three readers.

For glass I have two sets of primes to choose from. I have the new Sigma Cine lenses (20,25,35,50,85) and the newer Sony Cine Alta PL Primes, (20,25,35, 50 85,135, T2) along with a PL mount converted 11-16mm Tokina. I also have a Nikon 200mm f2 converted to PL mount and a Red Pro 300mm T2.8 prime.

I also have the big Optimo 10x zoom (25-250) with both a 1.4x and 2x extender and a lightweight Optimo DP 16-42mm zoom.

I also have a complete set EF mount lenses which can be used with the RT motions without the need for a motor to give cinema type focus pulls. I have the Sigma Art Primes (14,20,24,35,50,85,135) and the Canon zooms at 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200is (all the lastest versions) along with the Tokina 11-16.

For monitors I have six Panasonic Professional BT LH monitors, 2 at 9”, 2 at 17″ and 2 x 26”.
For filters I have the following in 4×5.65 soft horizontal ND grads, 0.3, 0.6, 0.9. I also have a Pola and a haze as an optical flat.
I also have:

  • Glimmerglass 1/8, 1⁄4 , 1⁄2 & 1
  • day for night by tiffen.
  • Promist 1⁄4, 1⁄2
  • Lowcontrast 1/2
  • Classic Softs (1/4, 1/2, 1, 2)
  • 85 warming filter
  • Tiffen 82
  • Sepia 2
  • Clear Coral soft horizontal grad 3

Camera Support Gear: (Dollies, Jibs, Car-mounts etc.)

I have a Cameleon HD400 Camera Dolly with 9 x 8′ sections of track and 2 4′ section for a total of 80 feet of straight track. I also have six sections of curved track. Here is a link: It is out of production now and has been replaced by this dolly: I have a Panavision Python remote camera crane! It is a 20ft model with a remote pan tilt head.

Also I have a Doorway Dolly and a Dana Dolly slider as well. Here is a link: I also have a Steadicam. It’s the Flyer LE model, a real Steadicam.

I have two Oconnor 2060hd tripod packages with Cine sticks (standards and babies) with 150mm bowls. I also have two 150mm bowl hi-hats as well.

I also have a Hostess Tray car mount. And a hood Car Mount. For a Jib I have a Cinekinetic Micro Jib Pro


Matrice 600 Drone capable of flying a RED

Sound Gear:

I have a killer sound package: For Mics I have:

  • 1 Schoeps CMIT5u
  • 2 Sennheiser 416’s
  • 2 Schoeps cmc 6 / mk41 hypers

For recorders I have: My main mixer is a Sound Devices 688 multitrack recorder. I also have a Sound Devices 664 mixer/recorder as a BU mixer. For wireless units we have: 12 Lectro wireless units (2 x dual channel SRA sets, 3x UCR411 sets & 5x UCR211 series with both standard and waterproof transmitters. Also have: Rycote blimps / mounts for everything.
Assorted crash mics including a pair of Oktava’s. 3 boompoles plenty of xlr cables

Grip & Electric Gear / Lights

I have a 33ft box Freightliner Argosy grip truck. It is basically a 10 ton combination grip & electric package.

I have a basic tungsten light package with stands and softboxes consisting of: 6 1k Desisti fresnels with barndoors
6 2k fresnels with barndoors. (2 Mole, 4 Desisti)
4 650w LTM fresnels

6 300w LTM Pepper fresnels.
2 Mole 200w tweenies.
4 1k Starlights with softboxes
6 Source Four Leko’s
Assorted Lowel open face lights with barndoors LED’s I have 3 x Litepanel Gemini’s & 4 x kino Selects
Kinos I also own plenty of Kinos including three Kinoflo 4’ 4bank kits and two 2’ 4 bank kits. I also have 5 4’ 2 banks. 4 2’ 2 bank, 4 2’ 1 bank and two 2’ 2 bank kits.

For HMI’s I have a 12k Fresnel and three 6k’s (two pars), five 4k’s (three pars) and four 2.5k hmi’s (two pars and two fresnels), five 1200w HMI’s (3 pars and 2 fresnel), two 575w fresnels as well. All of the bigger lights have powergems ballasts.

I also have a decent LED kit with 4 Litepanels mini’s and 3 Socanland bi color lights

I have 26 C-stands (4 gary-colemans) with a complete flag/nets kit and a full assortment of sandbags and stingers, along with a dozen Combo Stands and four pair of Rollers, 4 mombo’s and 6 beefy babys as well plus 10 complete sets of apple boxes. I also have 4 Matthews Super Crankovator stands.

I have a good selection of rags (overheads / butterflies) as well.

1 20×20 frame with a single silk
3 12×12 frames with several rags including a silk, griff and ultra bounce, etc. 2 6×6 frames with a few nets and several Silks.
I also have two 8×8 frames with a small selection of rags.


I have seven Honda EU6500is generators with distro. I have plenty of power for the big HMI’s with power to spare. (Via two “Parallel Kits” with 3 transformers) Additionally I have two big diesel generators on board of our “CAPO” RV at 10k and 12k watts.


I have a 39ft heavy duty “Super C” motorhome with a rear garage area and liftgate that doubles as a Camera Audio truck and a mobile PO. It has four Onan Quiet Diesel generators on board, an 8k for the coach, 2 12.5k’s and 10k for G&E.


Miscellaneous other stuff we have:
40 Motorola Walkies -Headsets not provided- 2 10 x 10 popup canopy


Pre Bookings Only for this above full Package and it is only for Feature Films only and across America , weekly rate maybe vary depending on the distance but not that much again you are getting …..

Steal Deal flat Rate with all above equipment per Weekly Rate no matter how Big your Feature Film will be, AWAAZ Productions there to complete your any dream Project.

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